The dolls: there are two sizes, 30-50 cm and 60-75 cm.

Heads, shoulderplates and limbs are porcelain.

Bodies made from fine cotton, stuffed with a special cotton wool.

The "small ones" have porcelain bodies.

Wigs are hand knotted with human hair or mohair.

The mouth-blown glass eyes are made to order.

The "small ones" eyes are mainly painted.

The clothing made from natural fibres is individually designed for each model.

Antique fabrics are sometimes also used.

There are only small editions of up to ten pieces, often only 2 or 3 dolls or one-of- a- kinds.

I have made dolls for over 20 years, professionally since 1991.

I still love this work.

I hope to contribute with my dolls to all things beautiful.

They have found their way into the whole world, into various museums for example.

I work all by myself, only my husband assists me and documents my work with photos.

Further information about my book "Freundinnen" ("Friends")

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